Own a part of the project, develop and manage it. Receive income in the form of dividends.
STEM Exchange Owners Community
A product owned by a DAO
The first open round of sales of project shares.
Sold: 1.86%
Invest in startup development and become a co-owner of STEMX.PRO exchange
Price reduced by 44% for the first 5,000 shares
About STEM exchange
STEM is an exchange where each sports team has its own token, the price of which is formed based on the results of games, ratings and the value of the team's players.

Based on the analysis of open statistics of teams and future games, sports fans can make trading decisions and earn money by monetizing their knowledge about sports.
STEM DAO is a community of project co-owners of STEM Exchange, whose participants become through ownership of the STEM DAO token. Members of STEM DAO have the right to vote on key decisions and the development strategy of the project, as well as the right to receive project profits in the form of dividends.
The goal of the DAO is the long-term development of STEM Exchange as a business project and increasing its profitability for all DAO members.
Goals and functions of the STEM DAO
Holders of the STEMX token also have the right to participate in management, voting, and propose ideas for voting if they have more than 50,000 STEMX tokens in their balance, but they do not have the right to receive dividends.
1% of STEM DAO shares will be allocated to STEMX's deflationary function. Dividends received from the income of STEM Exchange activities will be allocated to the STEMX token burn, reducing its total issuance rate
Participation of STEMX token in DAO
Subsequent sales of STEM Exchange shares will be available through the open limit order system within the DAO section and will be accessible to all investors. Additionally, shareholders can withdraw STEM DAO tokens and conduct over-the-counter transactions with other users, thus transferring ownership rights to the shares.
Transfer of ownership rights
Members of the STEM DAO community will have access to a voting platform within the DAO section, as well as a separate chat group for all project owners and development team members.
The chat will serve as a place for discussing planning and development issues related to the STEM Exchange business project.
STEM DAO owners have the right to vote on matters of planning, management, and development of STEM Exchange if their ownership stake equals or exceeds 5 STEM DAO.

They also have the right to create and submit development proposals for voting.
Project management
STEM DAO members will have access to a complete financial report on STEM Exchange's activities. It will be available through the "statistics" section and will be published every quarter. The full report will include all key project statistics.
Before the reports are published, STEM DAO members will be able to track interim project metrics in the DAO's "statistics" section.
All STEM DAO share owners have the right to receive income from STEM Exchange's activities in the form of dividends. Dividends will be credited automatically to the user's balance in the DAO section every quarter and can be withdrawn at any time. The percentage distribution of dividends among all its members will be proportional to their ownership stakes in STEM DAO.
Right to receive income
Description of share functions:
STEM Exchange Estimated Value:
1 795 000$
100% = 100 000 STEM DAO
Total number of shares:
Cost of 1 share:
General round of share sales:
25% = 25 000 STEM DAO / 448 750$
The STEM DAO token is a tokenized asset that serves as an equivalent to a share and grants the right to ownership in STEM Exchange, voting, and receiving profits from its activities.
1 STEM DAO = 0.001% ownership.
Project shares
/ $9.95 for the first 5,000 shares
Market metrics and potentials of STEM Exchange
Crypto exchanges
Interested in sports
STEM is creating a product that forms a "blue ocean" at the intersection of different markets.

By offering a completely new user experience, STEM will appeal to sports enthusiasts, active users of bookmakers, as well as cryptocurrency exchange traders.
Total betting volume for 2022:
Betting market size
>$83 billion
The industry shows a compound annual growth rate of 10-12%, and the overall forecast is for the industry turnover to exceed $180 billion by 2030
Both industries are showing high growth rates, which means that STEM will develop in a growing market and will be able to easily increase its user audience.

The total annual volume of market shares, where the user base of the product will be formed, is preliminary estimated at $20 billion, which makes it possible to have a turnover of more than $1 billion even if 5% of the volume is reached in the next few years, which is the strategic goal for the next few years of development.
Market capacity for 2022:
Crypto exchanges market volume
>$36 billion
A relatively young industry in relation to betting is showing very high growth rates. The average annual growth rate exceeds 27% and is forecast to exceed $264 billion by 2030
5% = $1 billion.
$20 billion
Forecast of financial flows
Number of users
Gross income
Plan for metrics by Q4 2024
Breakeven point
Number of users
300 000
Exchange revenue per 1 user:
Monthly profit
1 350 000$
Revenue forecast for 1 share per quarter
Development plans and objectives
The main source of revenue for STEM Exchange is commissions from user transactions. The goal of the development is to attract more users and stimulate the trading of sports team statistics tokens. Working on marketing and improving the platform for trading sports team stat tokens will increase the growth of trading turnover, which in turn will ensure the growth of the exchange's revenue.

Below are the metrics that are development goals for the end of Q4 2024, as well as potential revenue if these metrics are achieved
от 0.2%
1 000 000 $
45 000 $
Future challenges for the development of STEM Exchange
Addition of new soccer clubs
More than 200 soccer clubs from various leagues are scheduled to be added to STEM
Adding other sports
In addition to soccer teams, teams from other sports will be integrated into STEM. This will take place in several stages.

1 stage - basketball and hockey
2 stage - cybersports
Adding cryptocurrencies to the exchange
In addition to team tokens, the exchange will have a cryptocurrency trading section. The addition of cryptoassets will take place in stages.
1 stage - BTC, ETH, etc. top 50
2 stage - paid listing of other cryptocurrency projects
Adding margin trading
Addition of new trading modes in the form of margin trading for sports team statistics tokens.
Integration in several stages
1 stage - up to x5 leverage
2 stage - up to x15
3 stage - up to x50
Improvement of the statistics section
The stats section will be modernized and get new blocks of analytics and data on the game and state of the teams.
Development of the sports news section
Improving the quality and content of analytical articles. Adding video broadcasts of games and our own video program on sports news and analytics.
Creation of a section for authors of analytics articles with content monetization.
Referral and bonus system
Creating a referral and bonus system that will reward for attracting users to the exchange.
Development of supporters' clubs
Within the STEM Exchange, the creation of a fan zone by clubs will be stimulated through the division of internal chat into different interests. A system of rewards for activity and tournaments among active traders will be created.